Experts for static proof calculation of pipes

We produce verifiable statics for pipes, inliners, propulsion pipes, shafts and dumping pipes

We would be pleased to be able to provide you with verifiable static proof calculations for all types of pipes and manholes.

Statik Rohre InLiner Schacht A127 A161 M143 GutachterThe static calculations according to ATV, DWA, DVK and the rules of the TÜV are valid as load bearing capacity tests for all types of loads. Loads on pipes are the static loads from ground loads and groundwater loads, as well as dynamic loads from traffic, such as vehicles, railways or airplanes. In rare cases where necessary loads from foundations, dams or landfill bodies can be added.

The statics contain a basic sketch of the structural situation, all input values ​​and a clear and concise printout of all results. All interim values ​​are specified for verification if necessary.

We would be pleased to advise you on the upcoming construction measures, which installation parameters you should choose and which pipes are suitable. Not all pipes are suitable for all mounting conditions!

We are also happy to create static calculations in the area of ​​rail transport. We also advise you on the application of a UiG and a ZiE at the German Railroad Office in case you are planning a thoroughfare or a protective pipe in the railway sector.

Great experience and extensive knowledge in this area is our promise.

We always give advise personally.

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